Section            Working Title


1.         Prologue

2.         Introduction

3.         Short into of RentMasseurs and RentMen

            a.         Rodrigo et al.

            b.         Pierre

            c.         John

            d.         Will

4.         The Business with John

            a.         data

            b.         gentleman’s club

            c.         Toronto meetings/Montreal real estate

5.         Vignettes of Service

            a.         Vincent

            b.         Jay ginger bisexual face sitting

            c.         Peter L.

                        i.          with Alex

            d.         Alexander

            e.         SB in Toronto

            f.         bearded man who wanted me more

            g.         schizophrenic overnight in Peterboro

            h.         school teacher/farmer in Ottawa

            i.          Pierre - beatup man in ottawa

            j.          TV personality in g-string

            k.         Two-stepping - how have we never met from Boston

            l.          Burlington Jim

                        i.          with Alex

            m.        Yves restauranteur       

            n.         Keven the carpenter

6.         Characterological Analyses of My

            a.         Pierre - true masseur

            b.         Will Fech - preditor hustler

            c.         John McEachnie - scam addict

7.         Protection from panthers

8.         Closing remarks - current events