Jay - ginger bisexual

When a man from a suburb of Montreal messages me for a massage session, it is often because he has a wife or girlfriend and wants male contact they clearly can not provide. Jay told me he saw my profile and wanted a full erotic massage session with me, but he couldn’t afford the full payment since he was a recently single dad, divorced, with a child.

He also sent me a picture, which showed a full ginger beard and handsome face. I immediately dropped my rate for him. Some part of my fire in my belly has always been lit by ruddy complected men who are bisexual or straight. I enjoy their masculinity and the somewhat uncomfortable quality they bring to male on male sexual intimacy.

We met in an apartment I had rented in the Village on rue St. Andre. It was a modern lovely place to host men, and Jay wanted to shower as soon as he arrived, since he was coming directly from work (setting up sound for a concert).