Legrand - transexual man

Legrand was my first transsexual client, and honestly, I hope not my last. He became a personal experiment in my ability to enjoy the character of a man as the primary sexual excitant, though, to be honest, I wouldn’t have considered him for a client if he hadn’t had such a beautifully fit, muscled and developed man’s body. And he is a handsome man, truly captivating in his looks and personality.

I was turned on by this man who used to be a woman and wanted to ensure he had a sexual experience that would make him want to be with me again. Since I knew about women’s anatomy and had spent two years making a girlfriend cum more than once per session when I was younger, this wasn’t a difficult task for me. His surgery had left him with an intact clitoris inside his hips, and the clitoral folds had been fashioned into a usable penile appendage that helped direct me.

But it was the exquisite muscled butt and back, along with his handsome face, that gave me the powerful desires and need to cum with this man. I found myself lost in the ideas that I had spent working on throughout my doctoral dissertation years – the orthogonality of gender, biological sex, and sex role stereotypicity that we call call masculine and feminine